COMPLETE POTTERY TECHNIQUES Book Launch & Exhibition | 7 - 29 September 2019

COMPLETE POTTERY TECHNIQUES Book Launch & Exhibition; Join us to celebrate the launch of Complete Pottery Techniques published by DK with klei co-founder Jess Jos, it’s main author and consultant. We have invited a selection of the makers who contributed to the book to exhibit with us for the month of September. Each artist will show work which is featured in the book and displays a skill you can learn in an easy step by step guide.

Guest Artists: Tom Kemp, Linda Bloomfield, Denis Di Luca, Helen Joanneson, Cat Meany, Sabine Nemet, Miyuzo Yamashita & Jess Jos

Private View: Thursday 5th September 6 - 8pm

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the start of the exhibition


From Jess:

I made this book for my younger self. Just starting to study ceramics and wanting to know everything all at once. There is so much to learn and each new technique as thrilling to discover as the last. It was a pleasure to invite other makers whose work I admire to contribute and explain their technique or specialism for all. This book is broad and suitable for new makers to those who are looking to expand their knowledge before setting up a studio. 

INLAY | Lydia Hardwick | 3 - 25 August 2019

INLAY; An exhibition of inlaid ceramics including a series inspired by kilim rug patterns, plates referencing African bark cloth motifs and some terracotta majolica pieces.

Private View: Thursday 1st August 6 - 8pm

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the start of the exhibition


An exhibition of inlaid ceramics by Lydia Hardwick. By staining clay with oxides she creates a palette of colour. These colours are then collaged and pressed, becoming embedded into the body of a sheet of clay. She will be exhibiting a new series of framed inlaid ceramic pieces, based on patterns found in kilim rugs. Alongside these will be a selection of inlaid stoneware plates. Lydia will also be showing some plates from her KUBA series, referencing motifs found within African bark cloth. These are made by using a method called intaglio: inlaying fine lines into the surface of the clay. Finally, alongside the inlaid work, a selection of terracotta majolica pieces will also be available. We’re so excited to have Lydia colourful beautifully crafted work at klei!

ATTACHMENT THEORY | Lily Pearmain | 6 - 28 July 2019

ATTACHMENT THEORY; Lily's signature sculptural and functional work exploring terracotta and porcelain; clays at either end of a spectrum of firing temperatures, social connotations and purity. 

Private View: Thursday 4th July 6 - 8pm

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the start of the exhibition


Lily Pearmain is a London based potter with a background in baking, a Russian degree and an obsession with proportions. Her forms are known for their abstract nature, clean finishes and confusing construction. With every aspect thrown on the potters wheel, her work is often made of several components and then cut and assembled. Her solo show at Klei presents work made in porcelain and terracotta, clays at either end of a spectrum of firing temperatures, social connotations and purity. 

BUILT | E F Davies | 8 - 30 June 2019

Built; a reimagining of E F Davies thrown tableware and celebration of the handbuilding process

Private View: Thursday 6th June 6-8pm

Please join us to celebrate the start of the exhibition

ned davies.jpg

Handbuilt is a term which refers to ceramic works not made on the potters wheel, for  this collection of functional tableware E F Davies has utilised a number of these techniques, to make pieces which mirror and reimagine his wheel-thrown work.Every gesture of the making process remains visible in the finished pieces, giving a counterpoint to the smooth precision of his thrown tableware.

Kitchen Table | Tony Joslin Ceramics | 1 - 25 November

Kitchen Table; functional hand thrown pieces for the cook.
Private View 6-8pm Thursday 1st November

tony joslin.jpg

Tony Joslin has been making pots since the 70s and was first based in Clerkenwell. He now has his studio in the New Forest. From replicating Tang dynasty figures for the British Museum, to throwing enormous plant pots and beautifully crafted tableware there’s not much he can’t do with clay.

Assemble | Bikis Ceramics | 1 - 30 September

Assemble; work that blurs the boundary between sculptural objects and functional vessels.

Private View: 6-8pm Thursday 30th August

Bikis Ceramics is created by ceramic artist Naomi Bikis. Bikis’ studio practice incorporates research into form, focusing on altering wheel-thrown pieces, slicing them, and hand building back into the shapes. These pieces explore the relationship between the perfection of the wheel and the mark of the maker’s hand. Predominantly they are created to work together as groups, with the focus on both the bulbous, blob-like and squashed forms and the negative space between these altered works. Together with slip and underglaze, the work evokes a sense of tactility and recalls the qualities of the ancient earth they were made with.

Strata | Janie Kidston Ceramics | 4 - 26 August

Strata; a group of pots that incorporates locally and incidentally found clays and ceramic by-products from walking to work, casual observation, and travelling by foot.

Private view: 6-8pm Thursday 2nd August

Janie Kidston is a ceramicist and visual artist working in south London. Making pots with locally sourced and ‘by chance’ found materials has become a personal recording of place and landscape. This particular collection of bowls uses found-clay from sites in Brixton, Peckham and Greece. Wood ash glaze is made using ash from mid-Wales and Wiltshire. All pieces are thrown on the pottery wheel. Having originally studied Sculpture & Ceramics at Camberwell College of Arts, Janie has returned to pottery in recent years and currently makes at The Kiln Rooms in Peckham.

Sprung | Hannah Bould | 7 - 29 July

Sprung; inviting a season celebrating flowers into the home.

Private view: 6-8pm Thursday 5th July

klei is thrilled to have Hannah Bould as our very first guest artist. Every month we invite a ceramicist we love to make a wall of the shop their own. From the 7th until the 29th of July Hannah will set up her display for one month only.

Hannah is a ceramicist who makes functional, wheel thrown, stoneware pottery from her garden studio in North London. Hannah has been working with clay since 2013 and her background in printmaking continues to inform her work, with a focus on simple, geometric shapes and bold mark making. Hannah works primarily in black and white, to create unique, one-off pieces.