INLAY | Lydia Hardwick | 3 - 25 August 2019

INLAY; An exhibition of inlaid ceramics including a series inspired by kilim rug patterns, plates referencing African bark cloth motifs and some terracotta majolica pieces.

Private View: Thursday 1st August 6 - 8pm

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the start of the exhibition


An exhibition of inlaid ceramics by Lydia Hardwick. By staining clay with oxides she creates a palette of colour. These colours are then collaged and pressed, becoming embedded into the body of a sheet of clay. She will be exhibiting a new series of framed inlaid ceramic pieces, based on patterns found in kilim rugs. Alongside these will be a selection of inlaid stoneware plates. Lydia will also be showing some plates from her KUBA series, referencing motifs found within African bark cloth. These are made by using a method called intaglio: inlaying fine lines into the surface of the clay. Finally, alongside the inlaid work, a selection of terracotta majolica pieces will also be available. We’re so excited to have Lydia colourful beautifully crafted work at klei!