COMPLETE POTTERY TECHNIQUES Book Launch & Exhibition | 7 - 29 September 2019

COMPLETE POTTERY TECHNIQUES Book Launch & Exhibition; Join us to celebrate the launch of Complete Pottery Techniques published by DK with klei co-founder Jess Jos, it’s main author and consultant. We have invited a selection of the makers who contributed to the book to exhibit with us for the month of September. Each artist will show work which is featured in the book and displays a skill you can learn in an easy step by step guide.

Guest Artists: Tom Kemp, Linda Bloomfield, Denis Di Luca, Helen Joanneson, Cat Meany, Sabine Nemet, Miyuzo Yamashita & Jess Jos

Private View: Thursday 5th September 6 - 8pm

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the start of the exhibition


From Jess:

I made this book for my younger self. Just starting to study ceramics and wanting to know everything all at once. There is so much to learn and each new technique as thrilling to discover as the last. It was a pleasure to invite other makers whose work I admire to contribute and explain their technique or specialism for all. This book is broad and suitable for new makers to those who are looking to expand their knowledge before setting up a studio.