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Part of our July exhibition, “Mud Biuro 111”, featuring work by artist Ola Lewczyk. Learn more and read the full interview with the artist here 


Twisted candles with a flower emblem  


Approximate size:

H: 28cm

W: 7cm at widest point


About Ola’s handmade candles:

 “My granddad is a beekeeper and to make the candles I use beeswax that he collects after the honey harvest. Beekeeping has been in our family for 5 generations and my great-granddad used  to make candles to keep the local church lit, it used to be a way of tribute. 

My granddad built a wax sun-melter for me to get the wax off the frames. I strain the wax to take  away particles of dirt and bees. Then I hand-dip strands of wick, layer after layer building up the  candles. Each piece is made with multiple candles, having multiple lightning points. Hidden wicks becoming pathways of fire, wax pouring itself into new shapes. They are that sweetness and sun materialised. I see them as an offering of light and warmth as well as a symbol of transformation  through destruction, each of them one of a kind and finite”


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